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RUBEA Advisory Board


In 1992, a committee of stakeholders representing various equine interests formed the Equine Advisory Committee to support the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences, formally known as Cook College.  The committee secured from the New Jersey Legislature an allocation of $1.2 million in uncollected pari-mutuel winnings for the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station - of which $300,000 was used to support equine research and the facilities and operations of the Equine Science Center.  Subsequently, $900,000 in funding to the Experiment Station for Strategic Initiatives was made a line item in the state budget.


The Equine Advisory Committee evolved into a more formal advisory group, the Rutgers University Board for Equine Advancement (RUBEA).  Over time the goals and composition of the board have been modified as required.


RUBEA's mission is to assist the Rutgers Equine Science Center in its decisions regarding its equine teaching, research, and outreach; and to promote and support these activities through fund-raising and advocacy efforts.


RUBEA's vision is to be recognized as the advisory, advocacy, and fund-raising organization for the Rutgers Equine Science Center, meeting the financial needs for its sustenance and growth.


Membership on the board, once drawn from a wide spectrum of equine organizations in the state, was refined to emphasize individuals and organizations who impact the horse industry, not only in New Jersey but nationally and internationally, and have the desire and wherewithal to assist the Equine Science Center in meeting its fund-raising goals.  RUBEA hopes this expanded function will make it as effective as possible in promoting the stature and progress of the Equine Science Center and assuring its continued vitality.


RUBEA Members 2013



Mr. Ryck Suydam, Chair

Ms. Elizabeth Durkin, Esq., Vice Chair

Dr. David Meirs II, VMD, Chair Emeritus

Mr. Taylor Palmer Jr., Chair Emeritus


Members At Large:

Dr. Peter C. Bousum, VMD

Mr. Michael Campbell

Mr. Peter Cofrancesco III

Ms. Sandra Denarski

Mr. Thomas Luchento

Dr. Karyn Malinowski

Mr. Mark Mullen

Hon. Ms. Cathy Nicola

Mr. Max Spann, Sr.








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