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Memo for October 11, 2007













New Jersey Department of Agriculture



To: Veterinarians

From: Nancy E. Halpern, D. V. M. State Veterinarian

Date: October 11, 2007

Re: First Presumptive Equine Case of Eastern Equine Encephalitis in New
Jersey and West Nile Virus (WNV) Update


EEE Case:

The illness of a 6 year old gelding in Atlantic County is presumed to be attributed to Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) - this is only a presumptive diagnosis of EEE. The horse became sick on October 4, 2007 and was euthanized on October 5, 2007. This horse was vaccinated for EEE in April 2007. This is the first equine case of EEE in New Jersey in 2007. There was one positive equine case of EEE in 2006. EEE mosquito activity has been identified in 3 counties, Burlington, Cumberland, and Salem.


WNV Update:

Data regarding identification of WNV in New Jersey in 2007:


* A 21-year-old mare in Ocean County, unvaccinated for WNV in 2007, was diagnosed positive for the disease following euthanization on September 27, 2007.


* To date, 18 counties in New Jersey have had WNV avian or mosquito activity with 291 WNV positive mosquito pools and 40 WNV positive birds identified.


* One human case of WNV has been identified in New Jersey. The patient is an 88 year old male from Middlesex County.


Vaccination of horses against WNV and EEE is recommended based on consultation with the attending veterinarian.


Please Note: Horses or other species with suspicious clinical signs or confirmed WNV or EEE infection must be reported to the State Veterinarian at 609-292-3965 within 48 hours. Laboratory specimens should be sent to the NJDA Animal Health Diagnostic Laboratory for testing. Laboratory submission forms must accompany the specimens. Forms can be obtained by contacting the Division of Animal Health or may be downloaded from the following website:


For more information about West Nile virus in horses, visit the New Jersey Department of Agriculture web site at


For more information about Eastern Equine Encephalitis in horses, visit the New Jersey Department of Agriculture web site at litis.html.






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