Revised:  05/22/2008

Memo for October 4, 2005













New Jersey Department of Agriculture, Division of Animal Health



To: Veterinarians and Agricultural Related Industries

From: State Veterinarian Nancy E. Halpern, DVM

Date: October 4, 2005

Re: Update on Shelter Activities in the Gulf Regions


         At this time 10 members of VMAT 3 remain in the Hattiesburg, Mississippi shelter and the entire team expects to be demobilized on October 9. In Louisiana, approximately 20 members of VMAT 1 and VMAT 5 are stationed at the Lamar-Dixon facility in Baton Rouge. Three members of VMAT 2 joined the group stationed at Lamor-Dixon this past week. No additional VMATs are to be deployed to Louisiana as this operation is winding down. Approximately 50% of the animals housed at the Lamar-Dixon facility have been transferred elsewhere and the animal rescue groups are working diligently to transfer the remaining animals. Currently, there is no request for assistance in either Western Louisiana or Texas following Hurricane Rita.


     The Animal Emergency Working Group is currently working on sheltering and fostering guidelines for animals entering New Jersey from the affected areas.


     For further information about the New Jersey Animal Emergency Working Group, New Jersey’s relief efforts in the aftermath of the hurricanes, or to report undocumented animals from the affected animals please call 609-292-3965 or visit the New Jersey Department of Agriculture website at and click on “Animal Relief Efforts in the Aftermath of Gulf Region Hurricanes”.





A Proactive Approach to Fighting Equine West Nile Virus in New Jersey


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