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            NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ (May 15, 2008) – Safety is a year-round business, but in the spring as farm owners and managers get more active in their stables and fields, it becomes a top priority.


            To help remind the horse community of the basic principles of safety, the Equine Science Center at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, has posted two new podcasts on iTunes: “Fire Prevention on a Farm” and “Farm Safety Recommendations.”


            “Fire Prevention on a Farm” runs for just under eight minutes, while “Farm Safety Recommendations” lasts eight and a half minutes. They are available for listening or downloading on the Rutgers podcast site at and via a link on the home page of the Equine Science Center website,


            The Equine Science Center introduced its series of podcasts earlier this year as a way to accommodate the public’s desire to learn “on the run.” Other topics posted include trailer maintenance and safety, care and feeding of the older horse, the basics of nutrition, and the basics of equine behavior. All the podcasts in the series are based on Rutgers Cooperative Extension Fact Sheets, consisting of original research by Extension and Equine Science Center-affiliated faculty as well as summaries of research and publications produced by other prominent scholars and experts. More than 40 Fact Sheets address topics of interest to horse and horse farm owners and individuals involved in the horse industry. On the Equine Science Center website, these are linked to frequently asked questions and a dynamic search engine, which make finding information and answers a very simple task.


            Additional podcasts are under development. Future topics will include nutrition for foals and growing horses, descriptions of equine metabolic issues, causes and prevention of equine stress, manure management and pasture management.





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